Marriage with American

Marriage with American

The United States is the most influential and powerful country in the world politically, economically and diplomatically. 

Many Korean residents have settled in the United States and many Americans have recently visited Korea. In this reason, the number of marriages between Koreans and American nationals is increasing.

In principle, the international marriage procedure in the United States requires a Korean spouse to visit the United States, obtain a marriage license from the County, hold a court marriage, and register a marriage but due to COVID-19, the procedure is usually carried out in Korea recently.

International marriages must register a marriage in both countries in principle but U.S. international marriages can apply for a marriage visa (F-6) when the marriage registration is completed in Korea only.

Issuance of single status certificate for American Spouse

When registering a marriage with a foreigner in Korea, a document proving that the foreign spouse meets the requirements for marriage must be attached. There is a way to get a an affidavit of eligibility for marriage from the U.S Embassy in Korea or to get a single status certificate from the U.S. and send it to Korea.

If an American spouse is staying in Korea, he/she can visit the U.S Embassy in Korea with the original passport, fill out an application form, and issue an affidavit of eligibility for marriage after taking an oath of marriage requirements in front of the consul.

If your American spouse is staying in the United States, he/she can get a single status certificate and a birth certificate from the county in your jurisdiction and send it to Korea with apostille.

2. Registering Marriage in Korea

If you get an affidavit of eligibility for marriage from U.S Embassy in Korea or a a single status certificate in the U.S, it must be translated into Korean again.

Korean spouses can register their marriage by visiting the district office with the Korean translation of the American spouse’s unmarried certificate, birth certificate and original passport.

After completing the marriage registration process in Korea, the name of the spouse of the U.S nationality will be listed on the marriage relationship certificate of the Korean spouse in about a week.

After registering your marriage in Korea, you can get a certificate of acceptance and marriage relationship with apostille for registration of your marriage in the U.S later.

3. Applying for a F-6 marriage visa

When you have registered your marriage in Korea, you can apply for a marriage visa (F-6).
If a foreign spouse is legally staying in Korea, he/she can change to the status of marriage immigration (F-6) residence in Korea.
And if you live in a foreign country, you can get a visa at the Korean consulate in that country.
You need to meet certain requirements to get an F-6 marriage visa.

1. Income requirements

The income requirement for a two-person household must be 19,560,510 won or higher. However, income requirements can be met by combining the income of immediate family members living together on resident registration and also it could be recognized income from health insurance premiums, and income conversion of property.

2. Language requirements for foreign spouse

If your foreign spouse has not completed the Korean language course or does not have a Korean proficiency test score, you can invite him/her to Korea with a short-term visit to obtain TOPIK level 1 in Korea.

3. The authenticity of marriage

If a foreign spouse and a Korean spouse have been dating only through communication media, you can invite a foreign spouse with a short-term visit visa and apply for a marriage visa after dating in Korea.

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