About Us


Licensed immigration visa agency registered by Ministry of Justice

Ace Administrative Office has abundant experience and many successful cases related to Korean visas.
We will process your visas quickly and accurately with reasonable cost.

대표 행정사


David Lee / Visa Expert

Certified administrative agent 
Graduated from Kyunghee University and majored in English
Worked for a foreign company for 10 years
Available in English 


Office Location

Service Procedure & Scope

1. Visa consulting

Inform you of visa process briefly 
Check your basic requirements and eligibility

2. Visa contract 

Make a visa contract and deposit service fee

3. Prepare and review documents 

Provide with list of all documents necessary for visa application
Guide how to issue document and fill it out  
Review and complete all documents appropriately for submission

4. Submission to immigration 

-Visit to immigration office in place of you and respond to immigration officer when applying for your visa
-Apply for your visa through special counter (행정사 전용 창구) without making a reservation

5. Visa permission

-Keep you updated if there is any news from immigration office 
-Follow up on additional document and document to be revised until getting permission of visa

6. Alien registration card 

-Take and deliver the ARC to your home or company