E-6 Entertainment Visa

E-6 Entertainment Visa

It is a visa for foreigners who wish to engage in the fields of music, art, performance, broadcasting, film, model, and sports. With the recent spread of the Korean wave called Hallyu culture, many foreigners who want to work in the entertainment field are applying for this visa

Scope of E-6 Visa activity

1.Profitable artistic activities such as music, art, literature, etc

-Artists such as composers, painters, sculptors, craftsmen, writers and photographers engaged in creative activities

-Instructors for music, art, literature, photography, performance, dance, film, physical education, and other artistic activities
(For example : Professional and amateur sports director, orchestra conductor, etc)

2.Activities that appear as entertainment, performance, play, sports, advertisements, fashion models, etc. for profit

-A person who performs entertainment, performance, theater, sports, etc as an individual or group for profit
(For example : Professional and amateur sports players, etc.)

-Including not only those who want to appear in entertainment, performance, plays, etc. but also those who accompany them, such as makeup artists, managers, etc

E-6 Visa Type

E-6-1 : Arts, broadcasting, and entertainment activities such as music, art, literature, etc
E-6-2 : Performance or entertainment activities in hotel facilities, entertainment venues, etc
E-6-3 : Athletes, coaches and their accompanying managers

E-6 visa issuance procedures

1. In order to invite foreigners who are involved in popular culture and arts services such as acting, performance, and entertainment, entertainment agencies must apply for short-term C-4 visa for less than 90 days and an long-term E-6 visa for more than 90 days.

2. In order to get an E-6 visa, foreigners must first sign an employment contract with their company. The documents required at this time are employment contracts and identity guarantees.

3. You must get an employment recommendation letter from the relevant government agency. The authority to issue employment recommendations varies depending on the fields of activity, such as the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Video Rating Committee, the Korea Communications Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology Information and communication, and the Professional Sports Federation.
For example, a recommendation letter from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism for singer, acting, model, and e-sports, a recommendation letter from the Video Rating Board for performers, a recommendation letter from the Korea Professional Sports Federation for sport player, director, a recommendation letter from the Korea Communications Commission for terrestrial broadcasting, and a recommendation letter from the Ministry of Science and ICT for cable broadcasting.

4. Once all the documents for issuing the E-6 visa are completed, you will apply for certificate of visa eligibility at the competent immigration office and after approval, you will be given a visa number

5. If you are given a visa number, you will apply for a visa to the embassy or consulate of the Republic of Korea residing abroad within the expiration date

6. You need to apply for alien registration within 90 days of the arrival date in korea

★If a foreigner is staying in Korea, it is possible to change to an E6 visa by changing his/her residence status at the immigration office without leaving the country for a special reason

Required documents for E-6 Visa

1. Application for certificate of visa eligibility
2. Copy of passport
3. Photo
4. Career certificate
5. Certificate of qualification
6. Employment contract
7. Business Registration
8. Employment recommendation letter
9. Identity guarantee
10. Additional documents depending on the field of activity

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