Ace Visa

Marriage with American

Marriage with American The United States is the most influential and powerful country in the world politically, economically and diplomatically.  Many Korean residents have settled in the United States and many Americans have recently visited Korea. In this reason, the number of marriages between Koreans and American nationals is increasing. In principle, the international marriage …

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Marriage with European

Marriage with European These days, international marriages with European countries such as England, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain are steadily increasing. Our office is also proceeding with many marriage registrations and marriage visas for Korean and European couples. When you try to do it by yourself at the first time but you have difficulty in …

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Marriage with Vietnamese

Marriage with Vietnamese Please refer to the page of Korean version. You can find the procedures and required documents of the Vietnamese marriage visa, marriage registration in detail.

F-6 Marriage Visa

F-6 Marriage Visa These days international marriages are increasing rapidly. Foreigners get the status of residence through marriage with Koreans. If you get a marriage visa, you can work freely and do business and study. It is advantageous to apply for permanent residency or nationality in the future, so it can be seen as a …

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F-2 Public Business Investment Immigration Visa (IISPB)

F-2 Public Business Investment Immigration Visa (IISPB) It is an investment immigration system that grants F-2 residence visa to foreigners and accompanying families if foreigners invest more than 1.5 billion won in Korea. You can change to an F-5 visa (permanent residency) if you maintain your investment for more than 5 years as an F-2 …

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D-8-3 Invest in Korean corporation

D-8-3 Invest in Korean corporation It is a type of foreign investors investing in companies run by Koreans as partners Basic Requirements for D-8-3 Visa (1)The target of investment will be companies run by the Korean people (2)The investment amount is more than 100 million won, owns more than 10 percent of the total investment …

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D-8-1 Visa Dispatch

D-8-1 Visa Dispatch D-8-1 Visa can be divided into two types in which individual investors transfer more than 100 million won to establish a Korean corporation, and an overseas corporation invest more than 100 million won to establish a foreign investment corporation and then dispatch essential personnel such as CEO, executives, and experts to the …

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D-8 Visa (Invest in a corporation)

D-8 Visa (Invest in a corporation) D-8 visa is issued to foreigners after investing more than 100 million KRW to run their business in Korea. There are types in which an individual establishes a corporation or invests in a domestic corporation, or in which an overseas corporation establishes a corporation and dispatch executive, senior manager …

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F-2-3 Spouse of F-5 visa holder

F-2-3 Spouse of F-5 visa holder The spouse of F-5 permanent residence visa holder can be change to an F-2-3 visa which is a residence visa. Spouses mostly have F-1 visa or F-3 visa that are subordinate to the main visa. In this case, they are not allowed to work. If a foreigner acquires permanent …

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F-3 Family Dependant Visa

F-3 Family Dependant Visa The F-3 visa is granted by the spouse and underage children of D·E affiliated main visa holders Persons eligible for F-3 Visa Spouses and minor children of foreigners who are eligible for residence from a cultural and artistic (D-1 visa) to a specific activity (E-7 visa) How to apply for F-3 …

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