D-8-3 Invest in Korean corporation

D-8-3 Invest in Korean corporation

It is a type of foreign investors investing in companies run by Koreans as partners

Basic Requirements for D-8-3 Visa

(1)The target of investment will be companies run by the Korean people

(2)The investment amount is more than 100 million won, owns more than 10 percent of the total investment of the invested company, and is registered as a co-representative with Koreans on the business registration certificate

(3)The business funds of Korean who is co-representative shall be more than 100 million won

D-8-3 Visa Process

It is similar to the D-8-1 investment visa process, but the difference is that there is additional process of changing a company operated by a Korean to a foreign investment corporation.

1.Foreign Investment Report
2.Remittance of foreign Investment funds
3.Application for change of corporation
4.Business registration and report the establishment of corporation
5.Transfer of paid-in capital to corporate bank account
6.Issuance of foreign invested company registration certificate
7.Application of D-8 Visa

Required documents for D-8-3

1. Application form
2. Copy of passport
3. Certificate of registration of foreign-invested companies
4. Source of funds certificate document
5. Financial certification documents of joint business operators
6. Business registration certificate (indicated by joint business operators)
7. Joint Business Agreement

If the investment is less than 300 million won,
1. Proof of the use of capital
2. Proof of existence of business site establishment
3. Proof documents related to business experience

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