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Our main visa work

E-7 Work Visa

It is a work visa granted to foreign professionals when working in a specific 86 job fields. You can get a visa when your professionalism in the field is recognized for each job. There are my cases that Korean companies invite professionals from abroad or D-2, D-4, D-10 holders staying in Korea change their visa.

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F-2-7 Point Based Residence visa

It is a residence visa that is issued to talented people like professionals, study abroad human resources who can get the combined score more than 80 points in items such as age, educational background, income, Korean language ability. D-2, D-10, E-2, E-7 visa holders staying in Korea are making a lot of changes.

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F-5 Permanent Residence Visa

It is a visa that allows foreigners to live in Korea for a long time without limitations on the period of their stay, and allows them to work freely without restrictions as well. You can select one out of 27 types for F-5 Visa (permanent residency). There are many cases that E-3, E-7, F-2, F-4, F-6 holders upgrade their visa.

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D-8 Investment Visa

It is a visa issued by foreigners after investing more than 100 million KRW to run their business in Korea. There are types in which an individual establishes a corporation or invests in a domestic corporation, or in which an overseas corporation establishes a corporation and dispatch executive, senior manager and specialist.

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Public Business Investment Immigration Visa (IISPB)

It is an investment immigration system that grants residence visa to foreigners and accompanying families if foreigners invest more than 1.5 billion KRW in Korea. You can change to an F-5 visa (permanent residency) if you maintain your investment for more than 5 years as an F-2 visa.

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F-6 Marriage Visa

These days international marriages are increasing rapidly. Foreigners get the status of residence in Korea through marriage with Koreans. From marriage registration to marriage visa, the required documents and procedures are all different from country to country, so you need the help of a marriage visa specialist.

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D-7 Dispatch Visa

This visa is given to those who have worked at foreign corporate headquarters, organizations, and institutions for more than one year and are dispatched to branches, subsidiaries, affiliates, and liaison offices in Korea as essential professionals (executives, senior managers, and specialists).

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Set up a liaison office and branch

The way of foreign companies entering Korea can be largely divided into establishing branches and establishing liaison offices, which have the advantage of having no capital restrictions and simplifying the establishment process compared to foreign-invested companies.

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E-6 Entertainment Visa

It is a visa for foreigners who wish to engage in the fields of music, art, performance, broadcasting, film, model, and sports. With the recent spread of the Korean wave called Hallyu culture, many foreigners who want to work in the entertainment field are applying for this visa.

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