F-2-3 Spouse of F-5 visa holder

F-2-3 Spouse of F-5 visa holder

The spouse of F-5 permanent residence visa holder can be change to an F-2-3 visa which is a residence visa.

Spouses mostly have F-1 visa or F-3 visa that are subordinate to the main visa. In this case, they are not allowed to work.

If a foreigner acquires permanent residency, his or her spouse changes to F-2-3 residence visa.

There are no restrictions on employment and if you stay in Korea for two years with an F-2-3 qualification, the spouse can apply for permanent residency as well, so it is a visa with many benefits.

F-2-3 Visa Income Requirements

The combined income of the cohabiting family should be above GNI. If there are less than three households including applicants, only 70% of GNI needs to be satisfied. And if you have a minor child, the income requirement is exempted.

F-2-3 Visa application process and required documents

Since the F-2-3 visa is granted to a married spouse, the couple must visit the immigration office together to apply.

You also have to prepare many documents equivalent to a marriage visa.

1. Integrated Application
2. Copy of permanent residence for main visa holder
3. Spouse invitation letter of F-5 visa holder
4. F-5 visa holder’s spouse background statement
5. Proof of facts of relationship
6. Identity guarantee
7. Income certificate
8. Credit Information certificate
9. Residential certificate documents
10. Certificate of criminal background 
11. Medical certificate
12. Certificate of Marriage

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